Bedclothes & tablecloth by AZE Design.

The REM bedspread by AZE Design is a good reflection of all the nocturnal movements. REM (Rapid Eye Movement) is one of phases of sleep.

Bedclothes  tableclothBedclothes  tableclothBedclothes  tableclothDo not be surprised, but on the tablecloth the also constant movements of crockery and products.

Bedclothes  tableclothBedclothes  tableclothBedclothes  tableclothSource: AZE Design

Twist Together Lamp

Twist Together LampTwist Together Lamp it makes possible to construct personal lamp of 4 separate modules. As a result is obtained unique device for illuminating the working space, which very economically consumes electric power.

Lamp is developed by company Glide Studio from New York, USA.
The total number of modules in the design may be unlimited. The complete set of modules stands $109.

Twist Together LampTwist Together LampTwist Together LampTwist Together LampSource:

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